We prefer to speak in person given the sensitive nature of both our work and our clients needs, that said, here are a few frequent questions:

Are you SIA Registered?


Are your door supervisors thugs?

Not a chance, we only partner professional door supervisors many of who are ex-military with impeccable service records who have been deployed on active service meaning they know how to be firm but keep their cool.

Can you provide armed close protection?

No, whilst all of our CP operators are licensed in the UK, only the Police are able to provide this service. We can however meet your needs with certified highly trained close protection operatives the majority of whom are ex-military and who have been tested in hostile environments whilst serving.

How can unarmed Close Protection Operatives keep me safe?

The UK is among the strictest countries in the world in relation to offences with firearms. As such our teams can provide the highest level or legal cover in the UK and we believe that good people follow good practice such as route planning, radio discipline and getting our VIPs from A to B without being noticed in the first place.

Can you secure my business or home digitally?

Yes but let’s discuss this in person given we use the latest technology which we would rather explain to you in person.

Can you provide security for my child’s Bar Mitzvah, 18th Birthday or Eid celebration?

Yes, we can, we can provide highly trained, culturally sensitive event professionals to keep your event, guests and their possessions, including the car park, safe and secure.

I need to travel to Moscow on business, can you provide armed security?

No, but we can introduce you to a partner who can source former Tier 1 SF Operators who are licensed to carry firearms in that jurisdiction.

Are your door supervisors active on any licensed premises?

Yes, many public houses and nightclubs in and around the Home Counties and London and we also have several national contracts.

I’m being burgled right now what should I do?

Call 999 immediately. Tell the police what is happening, take your mobile and try and secure one room.